If you live in So-Cal chances are you are not next door to a farm. That's the sacrifice we city-dwellers make so to achieve that good-ole country spirit, we have to travel far. One whole hour which is like three days in LA traffic. But this place was worth the wait! 
 Underwood Family Farms was everything I thought it would be. Pumpkins up to your eyeballs, tractors, barn animals, trains and plenty of photo ops. This place is magical during the fall. The only thing we found kind of disappointing was the food. Most places only took cash. Some other places served only one item on their bountiful menu. And no coffee stands!! Holy God, no coffee. 
But we pushed on because that's just how we roll. We also arrived around closing time so we missed the pig races and were not able to enter the corn maze. whatevz. Ace had fun. Just check out his face below! I give this place a 4 out of 5 mimosas....

 He just loved all the little ones

 this stroller is a life saver!

 caught off guard




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