Hey guys!  Happy Christmas Eve!  I really can’t believe it.  It’s here.  This year I am visiting my family in Northern Cali.  Colfax to be exact.  It’s so pretty here.  AND there is a strong possibility of snow tonight.  How perfect would that be? 
But snow means cold and cold means dry chapped skin.  I’m always cold!  Therefore I take super-hot showers and it wreaks havoc on my skin.  I knew I had to change my routine up.  That’s why I felt like I needed to share a new brand that I have been using with you guys.  It’s called first Aid Beauty and the name means just that.  When your skin is crying for a little TLC reach for the first aid kit. 
I got the whole gift set so here’s my honest opinion on all the items pictured.  First up is the facewash.  The creaminess of this wash is like washing your face in a river of milk and honey.  The mixture is rich and soothing. 
The vitamin mist spray is so cool!  First off, it smells so good!  I spray it on after I scrub my face clean to replenish all those goodies I may have washed off. 
The night cream is literally what I use every night.  It has a whipped texture much like my morning Yoplait yogurt.  Light and fluffy like a cloud in a jar.  Not to mention my skin looks pretty much flawless when I roll out of bed.
The rejuvenating pads I use before bed.  One quick swipe over my face and neck and then toss it in the trash.  I remember in high school using the pads that used to make my face sting.  These are so much kinder to my skin! 
I saved the best for last!  The dry skin issue I mentioned is no more because of this jar of happiness.  The Ultra Repair Cream.  You can use it anywhere you have issues like dryness or eczema.  I use it on my face after a day of not drinking enough water.  I am glowing all day and even my husband says how nice my skin looks.  And a little goes a long way so this jar will be around for a long time! 

I also have a few more of their products and a list of items I have yet to try too.  What do you guys do to combat the cold?  What’s your plans for the Holidays?  Whatever you’re doing, may you be safe and have a very

Merry Krismas!



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