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Happy Friday everyone! 14 days till Christmas eve! In light of that, I wanted to share some cool lil gadgets I found all for under $100. Because who has to buy gifts for everyone? This chick. And I'm trying to budget (like always).
I was thinking of my husband Romeo who is also a Dad. He is your quintessential classic man. Handsome, well groomed and in shape. He could benifit from any of these great git ideas. Anyone you are buying for? They might find something on this small list of goodies too. Most these cool pieces will be un-available after the 16th since its the deadline to ship before Christmas. So get those gifts this weekend! 

I also wanted to add that I went to the Wildfox Sample Sale today. I was not feeling it this time. I didn't see any denim really. And Cooper Design space was charging $1 just to enter the buiding. More on that later. I'm on my way to the gym. toodles!

from left to right:



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