Hello 2016!  
It's another New Year and I am so excited to start this January with some tips I have gathered as a Mom, wife and creator.  I hope you can find these useful and together we can enter into a pleasant and prosperous New Year.

daily goal

We often times make resolutions that are unrealistic and when they are not accomplished, we feel let down.  Instead of making a ridiculous goal of working out every single day for 2016, make a daily goal.  Write down what you would like to accomplish in one day like "work out for 30 mins" while the kids take a siesta.  You will feel good when you accomplish that one goal and it won’t be so scary to try.

eat well

I don’t know about you but I consumed more sugar in the last three months then in the entire year. So with the help of Trader Joe's, we (as a family) have switched back to gluten free, low sodium and fruits n veggies.  It feels good to sort-of detox from the holidays.  I said sort-of because lets be real, I love sweet stuff.  Atleast a pumpkin spice latte isn't being thrown in my face at Sbucks anymore.. 

get organized

This is super easy and fun to do.  Getting organized can be as easy as jotting down your appointments, dinners and play dates.  Plus, shopping for a cute calendar can be loads of fun and it makes the job more personal.  You can get a number of helpful calendars, journals and organizers from your local Target.  


It's amazing what the quiet can do to your spirit.  Doctors, preachers and teachers of most spiritual traditions agree that regular retreats from both outer and inner noise is essential for human health and happiness. I pray, listen to podcasts of (my Church) Mosaic or read an uplifting book.  I also attend Church when I can and I feel refueled and uplifted every time!

take time

 It's so important that we make time for ourselves.  I try not to be so hard on myself about cleaning after two kids, cooking dinner and working out. Instead, I tell myself to rest and get it done after I take a breather.  I also started doing naps which benefit both my kids and myself. We all wake up refreshed although in my opinion, I'd opt for more naptime.  :)

Now that we have covered just 5 simple steps, lets get out there and apply them!  I can't wait for whats to come this year.  I already have the most awesome family and support team.  I also want to remind you guys that whatever may come, be ready to face the good with the bad.  Because a certain darkness is needed to see the stars.  What do you guys want to accomplish this year?  I'd love to hear from you!  Thanks for the read---



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