I am always so excited to try new trends!  Especially when you can still rock a style with a baby in tow.  Last year it was all about music festival style, lace-up ballet flats and suede button up skirts.  This year there are some great new options (and some continuing) which I'm sure will look great on you whatever your taste or budget!  Here's my favorites that can work for anyone + I added an edgier look (bottom) if you want to be more adventurous..


Spanish inspired ruffles, big belled sleeves and pretty floral print dresses... It's sort of Victorian era inspired pieces that flow elegantly especially for warmer weather.

90's grunge

Think Drew Barrymore in the 90's.  Doc Martens, leather jackets, black chokers and flannels.  My favorite look is a floral baby doll over a white tee and maybe some patent leather boots.

Off the shoulder

It was like the shot heard around the fashion world.  Every designer had an off the shoulder design.  It's very flattering because we all have shoulders!  So, this can definitely be a part of anyone's closet.


Suede in every earth-tone color and cut.  The 70's offer a variety with fringe and cuts that tend to flatter most frames. I'm so excited to add a long sleeve maxi dress in a BoHo print to my arsenal.

flared denim

A favorite of Jessica Alba, flared denim are back this season and stronger than ever!  Try this look with some slightly destroyed jeans to add something extra.

and if you are a bit daring...

Slip Dress

It's on the runway and in department stores.  The lingerie look is back.  Designers like Alexander Wang brought this bedroom look to the runway and it's very sexy!  

I hope you enjoyed my roundup for fashion forecasting 2016 via Mom Jeans & Mimosas!  I am definitely gonna get myself an off the shoulder top.  What fashions are you looking forward to?  Let me know in the comments below! XoXo-Kris



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