This might not be your typical post but I feel like it deserves just as much attention as any other.  It's my Dad's birthday.  He's not just any Dad... He's my Dad.  My hero as a child, my mentor as a teen and my friend as an adult.  I wanted to keep this short and simple.  I thought of all the little things that make up my Dad (in no particular order) and listed them below.

  • his fondness of Tea
  • the way he used to rush us to the make believe "hospital" (aka the bathroom) when we would get a very real boo-boo
  • his love of mariachis
  • his devotion to my Mom
  • his unshaken faith in God
  • his perseverance
  • his corny jokes
  • how he always drove on road trips and stayed up when everyone else was sleeping
  • how he enjoys being a grandpa
  • his stories are always the best!
  • his support for me in the Arts: dancing, drawing, photography and fashion school.
  • the connections he makes with others
  • his uncanny resemblance to Robert De Niro
  • his love of hats...

Grandpa Rex and Benjamin Jr.

Happy Birthday Dad!  I hope you have a wonderful day.  I have been pondering what to get you for several weeks.  I wanted you to know that I think about you often and I wish you were here to celebrate with me.  You are very much loved.  Love always, Kristin, Alex, Ace and Penelope.  



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