Hola!! Happy first Monday of 2016 aka National Thank-God-It's-Monday Day! So, I recently went to the spa. If you follow me on IG, then you may have seen me post about it.
Well, I got to thinking and I thought I'd share what I forgot to bring, what I brought and my overall experience. I was just telling my hubby how a spa day would be a perfect gift for the holidays and sure enough my sister in law got me one! I immediately scheduled an appointment with Burke Williams and prepped my bag for my pampering.

Before going to the spa:

  • find out if you are allergic to anything! Treat this trip as if you are going to the Doctors. You don’t want to break out on the day you are supposed to be pampered.

  • ask a friend to accompany you. It's nice going alone, but better with a friend.

  • find out if it's European style. Some spas are bikini optional. So that means nudity is optional. Make sure you and your friend are OK with that!

  • Prepare to tip! Gratuity is a MUST! I mean, these people are great at what they do. Tip them.

  • If you are getting a facial, make sure you are not doing anything directly after. Your face may be red and you also won't want to wear makeup after.

  • eat something before unless the place serves lunch. Otherwise, you are stuck eating bananas or whatever is provided.

Pack your bag with these items:

  • a bikini or something that you feel comfortable with that will get wet.
  • flip-flops for after if you intend on getting a pedicure
  • a wet bag for your bikini
  • a book (optional)
  • earbuds (optional)
  • a journal (optional)

While at the spa:

  • wear a robe that fits. Mine was too big so I asked for a petite sized one. You will want to be as comfortable as possible.

  • drink lots of water! The massage's and facials help remove toxins but the rest is up to you. Water helps flush the rest away. wear the sandals they give you or bring your own. But always keep them on. You never know!

  • don't take pictures in the locker room to post on your social media sites. If you want pictures, be discrete! 

After the spa:

  • Tip all the employees that assisted you. 20% is what I usually do. Or use a tip calculator here.

  • Refrain from taking a shower till the next day. You want to keep all those oils and good stuff on your body/face. 

These tips are just based on my experiences at a few spas. But I highly reccomend Burke Williams. I recieved an 80 min facial with peel and a pedi later in the day. I had a great time even though I was not able to use all the amenities which include these two whirlpools in the women's spa — one for quiet socializing and one Zen spa meant for silent contemplation. My facial was anti-aging and It felt as if my whole face was breathing! I also recieved a neck, face, head and foot massage during the 80 mins. Afterwards, I hung out in the quiet room with some music and headphones. I also read a book in the waiting room while jotting ideas down for my blog. So, what spa's have you tried? Any other tips and tricks can be left in the comments! I would love to hear about your experiences!



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