Hey All!  I skipped December to list some of my top picks so here is January.  Really quick, I just wanted to say that I'm working on a new site.  This one takes a while to load and I'm really trying to zone in on what my weekly content would look like.  I'm thinking of two posts a week with one directed more towards Mom's with kids (like Me) and one for the non-baby Mamas (aka everyone else)!  I am way to excited every time I get a good capture with my

EOS camera... Like waaaay to excited.  So I'm totally into taking fotos of everything.
Also, I'm trying out the new makeup trend "strobing" but I have not had the time to take a pic.  There will be a post coming soon!  I have however had the time to watch some Netflix LMAO!  So here is my current favorite show to binge watch. Also, an interesting movie to watch here

Ok, On to the subject at hand.  So I was browsing through my favorite mag (people Stylewatch) and I saw this ROC Retinal Correction Cream which is a nighttime retinol cream.  In a nutshell, it helps increase collagen.  It's also decently priced!  $23 does the trick.  I got mine at Target.  

Next is my go-to powder.  This (Hello Flawless by Benefit) is the best matte powder for oily skin and dry skin!  I love it because I can wear it alone on my face and I can cover up impurities with ease.  

I guess I'm low-key worried about my ojo's because my next item is another eye cream.  Its the Eye Duty Tripple Remedy by First Aid Beauty.  If you saw my previous post about FAB then you KNOW I love their stuff.  It soothes the under eye while somehow masking the dark circles.  Instant eye-brightener!  

The ELF Baked Highlighter is $3 and seriously I love a cheap find.  It's very sheer though.  So I think you pay for the sheer-ness LOL! 

Lastly, I like this lip scrub by Lydia Mondavi because it’s in a lip-stick applicator so its Ez-Pz-Lemon squeezee.  It’s gentle and easy to use.  No mess=no fuss.  

Well, that’s it for this Tuesday night.  What products have you been using?  I would love to know if you have any tried-&-true items you swear by.  Hit me up!  Comment below!  XoXo-Kris

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