There's so many options for products these days.  As a parent, there are endless possibilities of baby gear.  It can seriously get overwhelming!  I have tried, tested and approved (well, my kids have approved) three awesome sippy cups that we can't live without!  

  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free, The Skip Hop zoo straw bottle is a perfect transition cup with a stay-put straw and flip top lid.  It's a 12 ounce cup so it holds enough water for one tot on an all day trip to the museum! Plus the options in cute characters are endless.  We love the owl, dinosaur and puppy prints.

  • Zo Li Bot XL is simply awesome because of the genius straw.  It has a weight in the bottom which allows the straw to follow the liquid in the cup.  So no drop is ever wasted!  Also BPA free this brand makes other crave-able baby gear that I'm dying to try on my babes.  

  • Possibly the most available cup and easiest to find is the Lansinoh mOmma straw cup.  It's available at Walmart and Target and I think even Babies R us has it.  It's made for smaller tots with the easy grab handles and the circular shape.  The straw comes off for cleaning purposes but the only hang up is that it doesn't fit in the cup holders!  That's important for the stroller.  

Did I mention that none of these cups leak?  Spills ruin fun.  Just remember that.  In case you don't have one, get a straw cleaner!  I use one I got from my baby shower.  They help when you have to wash these suckers like every day.  These are so fun!  I'd have to say that my favorite might be that Skip Hop cup.  They are just too cute I want one for each day of the week.  Well, I hope that you enjoyed my top 3 cups for tots!  Which cups do you use? Let me know in the comments!!!  XoXo-Kris 

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