HOLA!! Here is where I work!  It's not much but I thought I'd share just for now.  Where do you work?  Sometimes I take my laptop to the table and work there or I sit on the couch.  It's hard when you don't have too much space to work with so I get most my furniture at Ikea.  They specialize in space-saving items that are up-to date and stylish.  I try to utilize what I have when organizing and decorationg.   Then I add little things within my budget.   Below, I have marked each aspect with a dollar sign indicating what I spent from one $ (meaning the least) to three $$$ (meaning the most).  Here's a little about my desk...


I keep a sewing machine to do little things like taking in a shirt.  It gets hard to find clothing that comes tailored (especially fast fashion stores like forever 21) to girls like me.  This is the most expensive item on my desk.  $$$


I DO read believe it or not.  Even my husband asks me if I actually read LOL!  And I like pretty books on my desk.  The rest are on a bookshelf in my living room or on my night stand. As I mentione before (in a previous post), you can get free books at the library!  $


My makeup brushes are also on my desk.  Theres a giant mirror to the left of my desk with great lighting.  I do my makeup there.   Plus, keeping them visible is a great way to keeping them clean.  You would not want to look at dirty brushes would you?  Most my makeup brushes are from Target.  The brand there is called Elf.  They makes affordable ones that get the job done!  $$


I keep a few statement pieces of accessories on my eiffel tower stand.  It's so cute!  I think I got this at Ross for a few bucks.  $


 I have a canvas image of the eiffel tower (which was also from Ross),  a calendar from the dollar isle at Target and finally a framed image.  The framed image is actually a magazine cutout placed in to an old frame I've had since high school!  There's a hashtag marquee that I recieved as a gift that adds some personality to my desk.  Last thing hanging is some paper flowers which are party decorations that I use for EVERYDAY decorations.  They were also a few dollars.   $

These are some tips I used when decorating my tiny space:

Utilize what you have first

Get creative with frames and images in magazines or print quotes to frame

flowers make great decor and brighten up any desk

find a focal point and work from there

create a color pallete or theme and stick to it!

less is always mas especially in tiny homes 

Desk is from Ikea
Sewing machine is from Overstock.com
Hashtag Marquee from Target

Thanks for viewing!!



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