I'm a simple kind of girl and I like to get things done quickly and effectively.  That's why I'm sharing my daily morning routine with you.  I think skin care should be effortless especially when you have toddlers to take care of...  Time is of the essence to every Mom.
Sometimes I find myself giving them (the babies) a bath and washing my face at the same time since we all share the bathroom.  Although I shouldn't admit it, I barely find time to potty some days! I think you get the point.  

Classic Girl Do's:

Skincare routines in the AM should always require less than at night.

Simplicity is key

Water is essential to your skin so drink LOTS

Less is more

Get a facial at least every season 

take a day off with no makeup.  Just chapstick and moisturizer.

wash, tone, moisturize.  That's it!

There may be more to your skin care routine and that's awesome!  I have a limited amount of time during the day so this is my JAM.  I also stick to what works and for my oily skin.  I use Murad Clarifying Cleanser.  To tone, I use Oil-Free Witch Hazel because is a natural toner.  This cleanse and tone system allows the pores to be opened, cleaned and then closed trapping in the cleanser (which works even after you wash). Lastly, I use Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily moisturizer which is light enough to not make me super shiny.  
What's you skin care routine when you wake up?  



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