Saturday came up on us quick and we wanted to get an early start.  After breakfast, we made it out to eerie Coney Island and then had lunch at the best pizzeria in NYC.  Lombardi's in little Italy was possibly one of my favorite meals
with ambiance to boot.  They had the heater on blast so we got comfy as our belly's grew fuller.  After ordering another unnecessary pizza to-go, we headed out passing the flat iron building in SoHo to Dumbo (a part of the BK borough).  We took some epic photos before el Sol officially left the sky.
We spent some time at home to refuel and then made our way to Times Square (for the second time) via the subway.  I super heart the subway btw.  It reminds me of home in LA.  The metro is almost exactly the same but NY kills us with all their many, many stops.  The night winded down with a trip to the local bodega that boasted a sign stating it had been "30 days since the last shooting." ((Insert surprised emoji here))  All in all, this was quite the trip to remember!  I can't wait to visit again.  New York, you stole my heart. 

See you at the next post!  Remember, all outfit deets will be in a separate post. What would you do in NYC? I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Comment below 



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