One thing I have to mention: Joe's Shanghai has the best dumplings.  Hands down!  This little extras segment includes our food adventures in China town and our subway travels.  
Our stop was Kingston ave and Eastern in Brooklyn.  We had to figure out the map a bit but we made it work.  I wish we spent a little more time in China town but we tried cramming the most in to each day.  Did I mention how much I love the subway?  LOL! The whole time we were there, we didn't take a taxi.  Not once!  But with a double stroller and like two diaper bags I didn't wanna try.  Can you say Mommy Problems?

New York by Numbers:

number of luggage lost=1
number of rats seen=2
number of rooms in our BK apartment=3
number of flights we took=4
number of pizzas eaten=5
number of hours it snowed=6
number of Lattes consumed by me=7
number of Mommy outfit changes=8
number of peeps traveled=10
number of seats in our transit=12

As I said before, all details on outfits will be posted later.  Traveling with kiddos is harder than it looks.  I want to cover exactly what I took for a family of four in a future post.  Any questions or comments can be left below!! XoXo- Kriss 



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