"Soon you will outgrow my lap but never my heart." 
-Author unknown

I had the unique pleasure of joining the Solly team for one day last year.  Penelope was only 6 months old and I submitted her to a casting call.  I had no idea that they would chose us and even though we had an audition that day, we still went.  
After makeup and hair by Brit and wardrobe by Sunshine Madison, I was ready to go!  Penny on the other hand, was sleepy.  She fell asleep during the shoot in her new cozy Solly!  No one wanted to move her but I suggested we do so to get more shots.  So without hesitation, the team allowed me to switch her into a new wardrobe and back on set she and I went.  

The shoot was a breeze and I received so many compliments but it was I who was floored at how hard they all worked.  Elle, the creator of Solly and the whole team parent several children.  The makeup artist, Brit, was very pregnant at the time.  They all worked so hard that day and there was inspirational talk filling the air.   It was a dream to work with them and even more so when I saw the final images.  I felt so blessed to capture a fragment of what its like with my beautiful Penelope every day.  That and the constant uplifting comments powered me through the day!  Every Mom deserves to be pampered and photographed with their littles so I consider myself very blessed.  Blessed and loved. 
I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.  XoXo- Kriss
Styling by Dulcet Creative
photos by Ben Christensen




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