Happy 1st of February!  I'm going to be completely honest and say I don't know what I'm doing.  I mean I know that I'm writing this as my one year old farts whilst asleep on the couch next to my face.  But I mean with my website, my blog.  I don't actually know what I'm doing.  I only know that I love it!  I really love creating content based solely on my knowledge and observations with fashion, beauty and simply being a Mommy.   One thing I'm working on is the whole website construction thing.  I am such a beginner.  That's why I switched platforms (A platform is an operating system on which a blog is built). I wanted to allow you (the reader) to take in all that MJ&M has to offer!

I used to have Momjeansandmimosas.com but I recently switched to Momjeansandmimosas.net.  I was working with Wix.com because they seemed to have a user friendly way to build a custom website.  And they do.  They have templates that work for anyone creating a new webpage.  When adding a gadget, you just pick and place.  I really liked how you could send free custom shout outs to your subscribers.  They charge a small fee per year and they link your domain name too.  All in all it's a pretty good platform.  But one thing I started seeing was how long it took to load.  Once clicking on the page, the loading took foreeeeeeever.  I felt like, if that was me on the viewing end, I would have clicked out.  No one wants to sit waiting to see a webpage.  You lose interest just like that.  So, with some heavy thinking, I decided to use my blogger page again.  

Blogger.com is the BEST platform for bloggers.  They beat word press and square space.  They don't charge at all!  They are hooked up to google+ which is great for sharing and SEO.  They can link your personal domain and there are a lot of templates, layouts and web designs strictly for Blogger.com.  The downside is that if you don't put in the work to differentiate your blog, you can wind up having a blog that looks exactly like another bloggers.  
So here is where I come in.  I have been studying, reading and checking out others sites to see how to accomplish this feat.  I don't know what I'm doing half the time but I'm learning a lot!  I can't say that I don't enjoy it, because I do!  And seriously, kudos to those other bloggers that do it every day!  I salute you.  It IS a job but we should enjoy our jobs//careers shouldn't we?  I certainly do.  So, again, thank you for taking your time to visit Mom Jeans and Mimosas.  Whether this is your first visit, or you're a regular, I appreciate you.  
What platform do you use?  Are you a blogger user?  Let me know what you think of MJ&M thus far!  I would really appreciate any feedback.  Thanks guys!! XoXo-Kris



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