you may have thought that you heard everything about breastfeeding but you are wrong!  here are 5 weird but helpful reasons to keep nursing even after infancy

"I successfully fed my child for 14 months." It might not sound that impressive but by fed, I mean breastfed and by breastfed, I mean I sustained another life with my body.  It sounds a little more impressive right?  
Now this post isn't intended to tell you what to do.  Nor is it intended to bring down others who couldn't nurse their little ones.  This is simply me sharing a fraction of my life and hoping you get a better understanding of why I nursed both my babies.

Aside from the benefits that your Doctor may have told you, here are a few lot more reasons you may not have heard. Most these are due to nursing longevity.  I personally loved breastfeeding and encourage others to do so.  So let's get into the list shall we?


Shots and vaccines are painful so when you nurse right after it's an instant soother.  INSTANT.  I literally wish I was still nursing for this EXACT reason. Not only that, breast milk actually enhances vaccine effectiveness over formula.


falls & boo-boo's hurt and your LO may be inconsolable but if you offer your breast, it usually helps the hurt to go away and the crying to subside. 


Traveling can be hard on immune systems so BF'ing is an added plus to keep your kids healthy abroad.  But the cooler thing I learned, was that when the plane descends your child's ears can pop which can be scary and painful.  BF'ing allows the jaw movement to naturally eliminate the pressure!


What period?  Ummmm, I don't want to be gross but I (personally) did not receive my menstrual cycle until after I weaned my babes.  That's a whole year of no tampons, cramps, back pain, mood swings etc!  
Side note:  I got pregnant only 6 months after I stopped BF'ing Ace (my oldest) and so I didn't have my period while pregnant & nursing.  That's almost 2 years of no period and it happened with both kids!  Yup.  A total of 4 years with no period.  


Stress relief.  In a nutshell, nursing produces Oxytocin.  Oxytocin promotes nurturing and relaxation.  Relaxed Mommies are happy Mommies! This tip is for both parties involved.

Did you breastfeed?  If so, have you ever heard of any of these things?  I hope to inspire other Mommy's to stick to it and really give it a try.  But don't beat yourself up if you can't.  I want all Mom's to be stress free and healthy for their children despite what others my say.  XoXo-Kriss



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