get prepped before baby with these easy 6 must haves

Forget that diaper pail or that wipes warmer.  There's so much baby gear out there it can be exhausting checking off lists of necessities.  But fear not, I'm an expert....
I mean I'm an expert list maker.  And I have found that after two kids I can sift through baby magazines mentally noting what I need and what I don't need.  All I really need as a new Mom is some strong coffee and these things below... Feel free to comment and let me know what got you through the first six months.
6 must haves for the first 6 months

clockwise from left to right:

aden and Anais swaddles  Perhaps the chicest swaddles out there! these are great for those first nights at home. //  Boppy pillow or any nursing pillow but the boppy is available most anywhere and after baby is sitting up it can be used to prop, nap and nurse. // Honest healing balm  Literally this balm is good for everything! I put it on diaper rashes, chapped lips, eczema or any other skin irritations. // Skip Hop portable changing station  Cute and reliable. This changing station comes with a wipes pack and the head rest is plush. I used this a lot since I always changed the baby in the trunk of my Prius or on the sand at La Playa.  //  Puj bath tub  This genius tub is for the sink. Because who wants to bathe a baby in the tub? Ouch! Especially for me and my c-section.  So the Puj saved me a lot of pain.  It's also easy to store and clean.   // Solly baby wrap  I guess I am biased since we modeled the wrap for their SS2015 line. But on the real, the fabric is a dream! It's lightweight and breathable and so so cute! I also enjoy shopping from local businesses so Solly is awesome in my book.

Now, I know you are gonna need other things but don't forget to scratch these off the list.  XoXo-Kriss



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