Desk Decor using what you have to create a productive and beautiful work space!
I am super fan of tiny living.  Ever since watching Tiny-the movie, I've made a conscious effort to downsize.  But lets be reasonable,
I throw away tons of diapers that are not eco-friendly and I only become vegan when I've run out of meat and milk.  The effort is there though.  If you took a look at my desk, you would see a simple monochromatic theme on a small white space.  I wanted to share a look at my tiny desk and how I decorate it for less.  But first, lets cover the basics of decorating.  


Less is always more
stick to a theme
chose a color palette (mine is silver, black & white)
pick a center piece and work around it
use quotes and positive mantras 
it's your style so you make the rules!


Flowers are an inexpensive way to decorate for less.  Find fresh ones at Trader Joe's for $5 or get the faux ones from a craft shop.  They make some really good ones that are hard to tell if they actually need watering!

Framed Art doesn't have to be expensive.  I literally tore out a magazine page and framed it.  It goes great with my Parisian theme.  If you don't have cool magazines, then you could use printable quotes online.  There's some gorgeous ones by Elegance and Enchantment.   There is also this adorable one you can customize your text here!  

Finally, use what you already have.  I got my # marquee for Christmas as a gift and I already owned the silver frame.  I  use my makeup brushes in a cup instead of pencils to add a personal touch.   

All details are posted below!

desk decor for less

positive sticky notes to collect positive vibes!

desk decor for less

close up of the laptop and clipboard

makeup brushes make a cute personal touch to any beauty blogger

accessorize by color and necessity.


It's always a work in progress.  I would like to expand my desk just  a bit someday.  When I do, you can be sure to see these things on/above/below it:

shelves like these Ikea ones // or
a pegboard as my background  // a monogram "K" mug from Anthropologie  //
 a giant paper bag like this one here  // some framed printable's like this one //
these marble sticky notes are too chic not to have //
and lastly, a cute vase like this white one

If you are really into black and white desk decor ((like Meee)) then check out my Pinterest board totes dedicated to the theme here//aqui


Marquee: Target
Desk: Ikea
Clip board: Target dollar aisle
Silver brush holder: Target dollar aisle
Frame: thrifted
Paris Eiffel Tower: Ross 

You can see how my desk has changed by viewing my Simple Tiny Desk Decor post as well as following me on the gram.  I would love to hear about you desk decor!  Do you have a big desk or is your desk the dinning room table?  In my case, sometimes the couch is a great work space..  Let me know! XOXO, Kriss



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