I mentioned wanting to try a pre-shampoo in my "Current Faves" post and I finally got some!  It set me back $10 which isn't too bad since that's like buying two Lattes, one for you and your amiga.
 Originally I was going to try the Burt's Bee's one which is available at Target.  I'm certain I will try that one further down the road (with a FULL review and comparison!)

Side Note:

Is your local Target currently repairing their Sbucks?  Yeah? Pretty crazy how they're remodeling them + adding a Which-Which in place of the snack bar... Or so I've heard.  If you know anything about this, please let a girl know...
Any who, I'm more a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf kinda girl.  So it's whatevezz.  

Back to the lecture at hand. 

I usually wash my hair twice a week and when I do, I'm washing out build up from all the dry shampoo and texture gunk.  It's a big ordeal and my hubby is always anxious come day 4 of no wash.  He thinks it's gross!  After I'm done, I'm usually cleaning out the drain of all my hair loss during my cleaning sesh.  Yuckie!  Who wants to lose all their precious hair in the shower?  Well, Living Proof's Timeless Pre-Shampoo is your answer.  It strengthens the bond in your hair and reduces breakage by 85%.  It also protects and enhances your color.  It's similar to Retinol, which acts the same way as your face creams keeping your hair youthful and fortified all before getting in the shower.  It's recommended using after age thirty which is basically... me. (insert sad face)
 With all that being said, go give it a try!  Or try the other Pre-shampoo's like these here.  Let me know if you too have tried one and how it worked!  Toodles!

Watch this blog post on my Periscope!  follow  this link.  Please ignore my weirdness.  It's my first time!!



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