The simple three step system that works for my oily skin!

Three simple steps to clean, nourished skin before bed.

Recently, I was asked what my night time routine was and I realized I never posted about it.  I also recognized that I actually HAVE a night time routine to post about!  For the longest time, my night time routine consisted of washing my face in the shower but once I turned thirty, I started searching for creams, and skin care items.  The prices vary (for skincare) but what I found was that moisturizing is everything.  You can check out what I use here.  I also found you must find what works for your skin type.  You can determine your skin type here.  Also, make sure to factor in your lifestyle.  For example, how much you sleep, water you drink, your age and if you smoke.

Here is the Breakdown:

My skin type is oily + prone to acne breakouts.
I wash twice a day with emphasis on my night time regimen. 
I exfoliate (with a clarisonic brush) twice/three times a week. 
I use a nourishing mask every two weeks. 

Sounds Complicated?  

Well, simplicity is really my thing so let me make it mas facil.  A night time routine for a girl like me should consist of these three components:

Classic Girl Do's:

apply eye cream

If you have a very oily face, I have learned that the moisturizer can be applied less than if you have a dry face.  You can also use a toner to help with oil control.  I use Witch Hazel and you can see more about that from my older post, My Morning Beauty Routine.

the simple three step system that works for my oil skin.


As with everything, I feel like less is more.  I like a nourished, clean face before bed and that's what I stick to.  You more than likely have a different one since every skin type is different.  Do what works for you and try out different products!  What do you do for your nightly routine?  I'd love to know!  I really would like to add a serum to my nightly routine.  I'd like to try  this one and this one.  Don't forget to follow me on snapchat! 



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