5 Items you must have if you want your makeup to stay on your face and not your towel.

Hey guys, this post comes after I tried using the Periscope App to record both my workout and the makeup products shown in this photo.  After spending entirely too much time fooling with the app, recording an awkward video and not getting an adequate workout in, I gave up.  Serious #mommyproblems over here.
5 Items you must have if you want your makeup to stay on your face and not your towel.

With all that aside, I'm going to list for you 5 sweat proof essentials you can throw on or in your gym bag to not only work out looking good, but to leave looking better! Plus, I want to share a few more items I think you would love to try! 

Don't want to read all this? Watch my quick summary HERE on Periscope and see why my son was screaming at me too LOL!


It's like painting a wall.  You wouldn't put paint on a wall without primer so why do the same with your precious face?  Primer helps makeup to stay.  Sweating at the gym is going to leave you a hot mess if you forgot the primer at home.  Pictured above is the +HonestBeauty  Everything Primer.  I like a natural primer but depending on your skin type, you can try others.  I found mine at ULTA.

-Tinted moisturizer

Preferably lightweight, tinted and water based.  You want sheer coverage.  You might not want to show up at the gym full face-beat, opt for the "less is more" look.  I like +tarte cosmetics Amazonian Clay (shown above) I found mine at ULTA.

-Hydrating chap-stick/lipstick

I tend to wear tinted hydrating chap-stick but you can find some good lipsticks like this too.  Remember, chapped lips is not cute.  The Honest one pictured above is no longer available but I also like +Burt's Bees tinted lip crayon. I found mine at ULTA.

-Waterproof Mascara

It's kinda a no brainer but I've gone to the gym with regular mascara only to look like a raccoon running to the bathroom to dab away the ugly.  Don't make the same mistake!  I've heard good reviews about the +L'Oréal Paris España  Voluminous Waterproof Mascara (pictured above) but it's downside is that it's hard to remove.  But really, it's waterproof so that's to be expected. I found mine at +ultabeauty como siempre.

-Blotting Papers

Once a friend told me that she used receipts to soak up her excess oil while in the car and I actually tried it.  It does work but I tend to return stuff and I don't wanna give the cashier yesterdays greasy-face-receipt.  I use +NYX Cosmetics blotting papers.  They are effective and inexpensive.  Per the usual, I found mine at ULTA.

Here's a few items I've been lusting over:

An oil removing sponge by +Beautyblender that can be re-used! Find it at Sephora

This +Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Foundation is easy to apply to target areas on the go.  Carry this to cover up post-sweat raccoon eyes.  Find it at Nordstrom.

+Rae Cosmetics  Lush silk mascara boasts a no smudge effect that I would love to try and for only $18.  Get it at Rae.com

Some Personal Tips:

Lastly, if I'm working out frequently, I take breaks from wearing makeup.  I will wear makeup every other day allowing my skin to breath.  I tend to do that when I'm at home with the kids.  I also try not to wear mascara on my bottom lashes.  They tend to be long and I get makeup under my eyes regardless of what waterproof mascara I wear.  If you like your brows to look done you can use a brow pencil for a subtle look.  A cheek stain in a light rosy color can compliment a post-workout flush too.  I tend to get pretty pink so I skip the blush all together.  If you really must dab away makeup, I tend to use Aveeno ultra calming wipes for sensitive skin.  I get mine here.  
Learn more about my cleansing routine

Want more?  Here's a wonderful article from +ELLE that asks trainers what beauty secrets they use for their sweat sessions!  I like how Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, the founders of Tone It Up wear Honest primer too.  

What makeup do you bring to the gym? XOXO Kriss



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