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It's not often we are greeted nicely on the street, welcomed to cut in a line or get doors opened for us by complete strangers.  So why would we expect that from a business?  To us, they are strangers.  And going in to any transaction can be scary...

I have ran in to numerous instances where I (the consumer) was treated unfairly when confronting an issue.  But like anything in this world, there is always a silver lining.  Fawn Design is that silver lining. 

My Fawn Design Story

minimalist style

If you follow me on any social media sites, you may have seen my diaper bag.  Minimal, practical and to top it off, it looks nothing like a diaper bag.  My not-so-diaper diaper bag was getting lots of love from random people and family members.  It wasn't until 6 months later the bag was showing some major wear.  The shoulder strap had fallen off, the front of the bag had started ripping and another strap was well on it's way out.  Frightened by all the damage that had occurred so fast, I started writing an email to the company.  It took a while to compose an email that was both well thought out and came across non-threatening.  Actually, I probably sounded panicked.  I freak out pretty easy.  

I got a quick reply.  Literally the next day.  The company apologized to me first off.  Then they addressed the problem at hand.  They requested that I send them the images of the damage and the receipt to the bag.  Then, here's the best part, they said they would send a new bag.  They were serious.  I got the bag in less than a week.  I was so stunned at their speed, kindness and willingness to right their wrong.  The bag that they sent was different.  Different meaning it was made stronger with a similar but more durable textile.  The straps were secured and less flimsy.  The whole bag was better.  And I got it free of any weird charges like having to pay for shipping or for repairs.  Nope, they just send a whole new awesome bag!  

This is why +Fawn Design  is a Mom Jeans & Mimosas favorite.  I went from feeling like a stranger to feeling more like family.  It's companies like this, that we can all agree, make the online world a little better.  And for Mother's Day, it's the perfect gift!  

Fawn Design's first bag
My Old Bag (above)
Take a Fawn Design Bag everywhere you go!

The Perfect Diaper Bag

But first, a great diaper bag by Fawn Design!

Fawn Design:

-stunning design
-great quality
-amazing customer service
-small business

"Our goal is to continue to perfect our current products as well as bring new and exciting ones to Fawn Design."- Fawn Design

And right now, they are doing free shipping on all orders over $50!! Visit for your next bag and you will not be disappointed! My bag goes with me everywhere! It always completes my outfit and matches my style perfectly.

Where would you take your Fawn Design bag?



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