What is currently in my diaper bag
The contents of a woman's purse are her treasure's that she holds dear...  Secretly tucked away in a tote or in my case, a backpack!  I fancy myself a clean and very organized person so the inside of my bag is my pride and joy.  

Currently, I am a mother of a three year old (turning 4 June 28th!) and a 19 month old.  So the contents of my bag may vary greatly when compared to what I used to carry six months ago.   I am also the proud owner of a +Fawn Design Diaper Bag which I highly suggest to any Mamma or Mom-to-be.  If you want to know why, I suggest you take a peek at my The Perfect Diaper Bag post.  I guarantee you will love Fawn Design especially if you fancy a durable bag with minimalistic appeal.  
What is currently in my diaper bag
What is currently in my diaper bag

What is currently in my diaper bag

The Details:

For the Babes:

Hand sanitizer spray  also by Honest
Healing Balm by Honest
Swaddle by Honest in collab with +aden + anais 

For Mama:

My water bottle by Boxed Water Is Better
My wallet by +Tory Burch 
My cell (not pictured)
Honest Organic Lip Balm (not pictured)
Ray Ban Aviators

I guess I'm a big Honest Co. kinda girl.  What do you pack in your diaper bag?



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