You've probably seen it.  That green stuff in a tube next to your concealer at the drugstore.  Or that palatte that looks more like it belongs in the arts and crafts section at Target.  
My husband even asked what I was doing to my face when I first started testing out products.  Determined to relieve him of his doubts, I tried items, watched youtube videos and googled everything about color correcting.  I wanted to find an affordable way to color correct because lets be honest, its interesting!!  It's like coloring your face with crayons.  Only, you have to color in the exact spots with the exact color. 

 Here's what I mean.

You can try and hide those dark circles and conceal those pimples but the undertones will still show through your makeup.  That's because you need to neutralize the area with the opposite color on the color wheel.  For instance, the opposite of red is green.  So for me, a deeply pigmented mint green like the NYX HD Photo Concealer Wand below is perfect for my acne spots and red-ish cheeks.  This product is highly pigmented!  It's one of my favorite products when covering blemishes!  ((Quick tip with this guy, less is waaay more.  Keep that in mind.))

How everyone can learn to color correct their skin.

Another product I tried was the NYX Color Correcting Concealer.  
The palette has six shades: yellow, mint green, purple, peachy-pink and two neutral shades. It's available at +Target or +ultabeauty stores for $11.99.  It's basically a steal.  As you can see I tried all the colors and here's what I think.  

covers dark circles
easy to blend
very affordable

not extremely pigmented
you won't use all the colors
a bit oily

How everyone can learn to color correct + products for all

Still confused on how this works?  Here's the simplified version if you don't have color wheel on hand.

Yellow is good for hiding under eye circles that tend to be bluish or purple. This color generally works on all skin shades and evens out the skin complexion for a perfect foundation base. 

Green is good for neutralizing any redness. Like I mentioned before, blemishes are softened with this green.  You can apply it to any red areas to your face before foundation.

Purple neutralizes any yellow undertones in the skin. You can also use it as a natural brightener.  Cancel dull skin color with this shade.  

Peachy-pink/Salmon is good for under eye circles but mostly for lighter skin. If your dark circles are more of a greenish color then you might try a salmon or a peachy color.   So test this one out with the yellow to see which one you are.  This is my color and I like to tap it under my eyes with my finger, then blend out with a damp beauty blender.  

How to color correct your own way using what you are comfortable with.

If buying anything above sounds disturbingly difficult then you can simply buy a one step corrector like this Stila one.  One pump and you can blend all over your face for an even complexion.  Iv'e been using this one for a while now and I literally can't find another primer that's better.  Apply it before your foundation or wear it alone.  It blends nicely and you can just apply it with your fingers really!

How to color correct your own way using what you are comfortable with.

Lastly, if you are more of a powder girl and you don't wanna mess with oily concealers then you can try this e.l.f. Studio Tone Correcting powder.  One swirl of a brush is all you need.  The product is meant to be mixed (much like the primer above) and simple to apply.  The best part is this powder goes for a whopping $4 at Target.  I also like how it leaves more of a Matte look once it settles.  


concealer wand
concealer palette

There are literally products for everyone!  So no matter your skill, you can master color correcting your way.  I watched a number of videos to get a feel for what I was doing.  I watched this, this and this!  If you want to try out some more, check these awesome recommendations rated high by customer reviews!

((You can read more about my beauty tips and tricks here))

Have you tried color correcting lately?  If not, would you like to?  Tell me which products you've tried!  I hope you found this article helpful! 



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