Current Faves For May

There's an abundance of makeup these days and a million things you can try.  But there may only be a few items that you seem to always reach for.  Here I'm listing a few of this months faves + where you can grab them all!

Current Faves For May

Current Faves For May

Current Faves For May
((Wearing Tarte Amazonian Clay))

+NYX Cosmetics is possibly my favorite drug store brand.  They make amazing products at even more amazing prices!  The liquid  Suede colors are so smooth and pigmented.  The wand allows for easy application too.  If you follow my on IG, then you know how obsessed I am with this color!! I give this item 5 out of 5 mimosas.

+Urban Decay Cosmetics makes my favorite illuminating powder.  I find myself applying this every day!  The champagne boxing is really pretty too.  Mine broke on the inside but I'd say you defiantly get your moneys worth when it comes to the product.  Lots of makeup here!  I'd give this highlighter a 5 out of 5 mimosas.

+Benefit Cosmetics powder is amazeballs!  The matte finish is to die for.  Especially when you have oily skin like I do.  My shine is somethin serious throughout the day... It can even help cover stubborn zits and pimples too.  I like this powder even more several hours later when my makeup has really set.  Also, if you aren't big on heavy makeup, this would be a great starter powder.  I highly suggest it.  You even get 15 SPF in it.  So if you can't take time to apply makeup, apply this!  I give this one a 5 out of 5 mimosas.

+tarte cosmetics Amazonian clay was introduced to me by my friend Britt from  on set for our Solly Baby Wrap shoot.  I was blown away at how pretty I felt as Britt finished my makeup.  She was explaining everything she was putting on my face.  She applied this and I was an instant fan!  I still am to this day!  It has SPF 20 and its water based.  They (Tarte) are the leaders in eco-friendly pure makeup.  (especially when you are preggers!) The only thing about this product is that if you apply too much to oily skin, you can be super oily in only a few hours!  Apply with caution!  I give this product a 4.5 out of 5 mimosas.

+NYX Cosmetics finishing powder is only one of two setting powders I own so far.  So I'm being a lil biased here.  I reach for it because I only have one more option to choose from!  (obvs) LOL!  But I digress, It's translucent and pressed so no messy aplication.  I apply with a powder brush very lightly to set everything.  I give this guy a 4 out of 5 mimosas.  

Product Deets:

((All these items are available at +ultabeauty ))



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