It's the end of spring and only the beginning of Wedding Season.  As of late, I have been asked to do three brides makeup looks.  I was honored enough to do my sister-in-laws recently on her special day.  But it was nerve racking every time!  
I needed to brush up on some tips and tricks.  So I've rounded up a few video's that helped inspire me and gave me the tools needed to achieve similar looks.  The cool thing about these looks is you can actually apply these to brides maids or even attendee's.  In essence, you can steal these looks for yourself this season.  I also added two video's I've really found helpful below.   

Bronzy Smokey Eye
medium skin//dark circles
Very Detailed
Possibly my favorite Bridal makeup!

Natural Bronzy with Pink Lip
light skin//blue eyes

Subtle Glam Bridal Makeup
light skin//light eyes

Simple winged-eye bridal makeup
green eyes//fair skin//dark hair
fairly simple

Drug Store Products ONLY
slightly tanned skin//light eyes

Video's I have Found Helpful

By Still Glamorous   

By Jordan Liberty

A Few Tips..

Avoid SPF in foundation for flashback
Wear waterproof Mascara 
Layer makeup!!
Touching up is a must for lips and powder for shine.

Are you attending any weddings this season?  Would you use any of these looks?



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