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It's about to be one of the most important days of the year.. Father's Day!  And if you are in a relationship with the Father of your children then this day has so much more to it...

A few reasons why I love my Hubby

He won't shy away from wearing pink.
He goes anywhere and makes friends with anyone.
He brings me flowers and coffee when he knows I need it.
He makes the best surprise plans.
He likes to match Ace when we get dressed. #twinning
He drives a classic car like the hero's in movies do.
He literally doesn't need anything.  He is that easy.
Except Me.  He really needs me.
His laugh, his real laugh, its so darn cute.
He is always my "first like" on Instagram.
He loves being a Dad &
He is proud to be called a Daddy.

These pictures were actually taken at Travel Town.  One of our favorite spots to visit.  (You can find more about where we like to visit here.) This specific day, Penny was just learning to walk.  Of course "Dada" needed to be there right next to her.  Coaching and encouraging her.  He also challenged Ace to a race and of course, let him win.  
He actually told me not to get him anything for Fathers Day because we are already doing so much and because he is so unselfish (refer to above. I did mention that he doesn't need anything).  He thrives off life experiences rather than material items.  But I still got him a little something.  See more below!
Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and
Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

I can't thank God enough for bringing such a soul in to my life.  And not just my life but my children's life too.  I can only hope that Ace grows up to be the Father that you allowed him to see.  I also pray that Penelope seeks a man who resembles you in heart and soul.  We all love you so much Papi and wish you a wonderful Fathers Day!



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