Fun Fact Friday: I'm Mixed

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So I started doing a hashtag (via twitter) on Fridays properly titled #FunFactFriday. This is a fun way for me to share a little about myself. Some of the hashtags may be a bit bold and some... not-so-bold. Last Friday I shared how I used to teach break dancing. You didn’t know? Duh.
This week though, on a more serious note, I thought I would share my ethnic background. I simply typed #FunFactFriday I'm #mixed a little #mexican #scandinavian & #german. Of course with some emoji’s attached to it. HeHe. :)

The Breakdown..

I know it may be a subject directly related to negative assumptions and stereotypes but I thought my readers deserve a little insight. I am a daughter born to a beautiful Scandinavian (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic and/or Germanic heritage) woman named Janna. Basically she's related to Vikings which is pretty dope. She is tall, blue eyed with blonde hair. This is exactly how I explain her to everyone I meet. She has family in North Dakota and Norway. Often times you can hear an accent when she pronounces the word "bag" drawing out the "A." Or even better yet, she says a common phrase "don’t-cha-know" when she's around fellow Norwegians. 

My Dad Rex is a blend of Mexican and German. Although he grew up in a multi-lingual atmosphere he is very much American. My grandmother and my father grew up in the fields picking anything from asparagus to grapes. My grandmother spoke Spanish but my father didn’t like to therefore I never learned to be fluent. "Yo no hablo Español muy bien pero estoy aprendiendo." This is literally what I find myself telling others who approach me speaking at an alarmingly fast rate. I'm like "Uuuum, mas despacio!" LOL! But don’t get me wrong, I understand a lot. That's why you will often see me use Spanish in my posts.  It adds some uniqueness to my page and to my life as well.  Spanglish is something I heavily practice.  

My Grandfather (whom I loved dearly) died when I was very young. He moved here from the Philippines during the war. Although he was not my blood, he was a part of our family and he was my only Grandfather I had. Pinoy to the core, he worked harder than any of the Latinos in the fields. He spoke broken English and a lot of Tagalog. I thought it regular to be in a house with so many different languages and backgrounds. To a child, color and language have no direct impact on their view of others.

Often time’s people ask me what my background is. I mark plenty of boxes on applications intended to group me as "Latino or of Hispanic descent." I even was listed as "ethnically ambiguous" when I worked as an actress. Sometimes even I was confused with my own ethnicity. I used to wish I was just one type. One ethnicity. One group. But now I look at my colorful background with pride. I am exactly what the Good Lord intended. I am beautifully made. I let others put me in a place where I felt uncomfortable and different but I refuse to let that affect my children ((who are (get this) Salvadorian, German, Mexican and Scandinavian.)) Whoa. Say that three times fast. 

Yep. I am a Spanglish-speaking, honorary Filipina who has Viking blood running through her veins. I can’t claim one or the other. I claim me. 

We are all created in the likeness of God. My wish is for you to claim you! Let’s all embrace who we truly are. Mixed like me or full blood like my amazing husband. Here's to you!

"Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red, brown, yellow
Black and white
They are precious in His sight.
Jesus loves the little children
Of the world."

Courtesy of Child Bible

PS-If you have anything at all you would like to share, please feel free to comment below. Or email me! Thanks for reading guys. Besos!

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