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Imagine going to Fashion school only to find out that designers often times mark up the cost of an item 100%.  I don't want to be Debby Downer but some items (lets be honest) are HELLA expensive!  But all is not lost.
 I covet the sample sales in DTLA (that's Downtown LA) for this exact reason.  Getting to purchase an item at the cost it was made at is pure bliss.  The one that gets me the most is the Wildfox Sample Sale.  Items are insainly low and up for grabs.  Sounds easy right?  Well, there are some things you need to keep in mind when shopping Sample Sales such as this one...

Bring Cash

often times places don't do plastic.  WF luckily does and sometimes the cash only line is super short.

Arrive early!

Can't stress this enough.  Early means before they open.  This sale in particular requires waiting at least an hour in line.  AND by day two, all the good stuff is gone.  

Leave all large bags at home

Typically you are not allowed to bring bags since they worry about shoplifting.  I don't bring any bags.  They give me one when I leave to carry my purchases.  

Wear comfy clothes

Obviously, you are gonna want to bend down and crawl and such.  Don't wear anything you can't do those things in.  

Don't wear THEIR brand

If you show up in their stuff, they might wonder if you put it on inside the sample sale.  It's easier if you wear another brand.  Avoid a possible pat-down

Consider a skirt or dress

This is only to try on pants.  They don't have a changing room and there are always men around.  I wore a skirt and sneakers so I could slip pants on under my skirt and still be comfy.  

Try on everything!

There are no returns.  So try it on.  Slip that tee over your head and those pants on under your skirt.  Ask a fellow shopper if it looks good on you.  I got asked today by another girl.  I gladly gave her the A-OK.

Double Check items for issues

I once got a pair of pants that didn't have a button.  I wouldn't have purchased them if I had looked a bit closer.  Some places try to sell defective products or samples that didn't quite turn out how they like.  So do yourself a favor and check while waiting in line to pay.
Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Above is just some of what I found:

-WildFox backpack
-Yoga pants with WF Logo
-High Waisted Barbie Denim
-Little Fox Summer jumper (for Penelope)
-Long Sleeve "Night Before // Morning After" tee
-Long Sleeve "Born on the 4th" tee
-Wildfox Logo Bikini top in rainbow

Sign up for their emails and get the Sale Info for next time!

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Do you ever visit sample sales?  Want to know more info?  Let me know!  I'd love to help!



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