Summer is fully upon us and that means, heat, humidity and salty water. If you don't live by the beach then its pools and lakes for you! But we can all agree that Summer weather means a change in routine. For me, change is good and I start with my face. 

How I switch up my makeup for Summer

Prime and protect:
Did you know that most primers have ingredients that can actually slow aging? Like silicone, vitamins and water. They smooth out lines and wrinkles so adding just a small amount can do wonders. Make sure you dust your face with a powder after your foundation/tinted moisturizer because the water in your makeup and the silicones in most primers repel each other. 

Less is more: 
Way more. I skip the foundation and concealer and use a matte powder to help with shine. If I conceal, I tend to spot treat with a concealer wand and that's it! Chances are your skin will tan just a bit and you don't want to hide that gorgeous kissed-by-the-sun face under makeup. 

Shades of Skin: 
Chances are your color is either changed from all those spring sunrays or you are anticipating tomando el sol. You might want to make sure your face and foundation/powder match.

Lip balm all the time!
Your lips can sun burn so why chance it? Lip balm as a base for lipstick is great but find one with SPF in it. Then you are protected!

Bring out the corals:
Coral is perfect for summer. I bring all my peachy pinks and coral colors to the top of my lipstick pile. These shades are fresh and they add the perfect pop to most any outfit. 

I switch up my brow routine to pencil and brow setting gel. It's easy to do quickly and looks more natural than the dipbrow pomade I usually use.

Highlight, Don't Strobe:
I add just a bit of highlighter with a fan brush to the tops of my cheek bones, bridge of my nose and the cupids bow. Cupids bow is the very top of your upper lip and it looks like a V. I don't recommend over doing the highlighter because your skin naturally glows when you get warmer. 

Also don't forget

Add SPF if you know you are going to be in the sun. Even if only a little bit. A tinted moisturizer is good. I have oily skin so I like to be in the shade or wear a hat. I also bring blotting papers and always carry them in my purse just in case I get too sweaty and need to pat away the shine! Do you tend to get dry? Grab some Rose water mist or make your own here. Keeping this with you can instantly cool you down or help re-fresh your makeup when the weather amps up!

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So in a nutshell: 

Prime//spot treat//matte powder//highlight//apply mist

How do you switch up your routine for summer?



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