Mom Jeans and Mimosas
Summertime usually means road trips and road trips usually means lots of time spent in your car. Traffic in LA can make a 10 minute drive into a 40 minute drive. So having necessities on hand is essential especially if you are a Mom.
Have you ever tried keeping a toddler occupied while driving? It can be as dangerous as taking a selfie.  I personally do both.  Enough about breaking the law, here are some of the items I keep close to me. 

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

In my consul:

 non-melting snacks like these
rollerball perfume
portable charger
 shine control papers
 and a cute clutch to put everything inside. 

For the baby:

Most of what I keep for my one-year-old is in my diaper bag. You can see more of what I keep on hand day-to-day by clicking here

For the toddler:

 dried snacks
 Agua in a sippy cup
and an extra pair of clothes in case of an accident. 

**Hint don't bring color Crayons because these can tend to melt inside your car on a hot day.**

Cutest Little Printed Bags!

Mom Jeans and Mimosas
Mom Jeans and MimosasMom Jeans and Mimosas

What do you bring with you?  I intend on taking lots of picnics and beach trips this summer so these items are on full rotation!



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