Mom Jeans and Mimosas

 Having a Summer Birthday is great.  Pool parties, iced coffee and free stuff?  Yes!  Even if everyone forgets your birthday, ((lets hope this never happens to you))  companies that you are brand loyal to, will certainly NEVER forget you!  Here I've listed all my freebies + some other fun discounts I received during my birthday. 

Lets start off with makeup. 

 If you shop at +Sephora  and +ultabeauty  then you are guaranteed to cop some goodies.  Simply sign up for their loyalty plans and when your bday rolls around, an email will be sent to you.  This email will indicate your freebie's and/or discounts.  

This month from Ulta, I got an +Urban Decay Cosmetics eye shadow ((pictured above)) valued at $19 called Midnight Cowboy.  + I got $10 off of my whole purchase that day!  I got the mascara I've been wanting to try so bad and only came out of pocket $2.30!! 
Sephora gave me a +Marc Jacobs highliner gel eye crayon and a Le Marc lip creme in kiss kiss bang bang.  They are so gorgeous too!  Petite and sweet.

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Other fun discounts and freebies I got were:

I had a great birthday but these little perks made it extra fun.  I hope you sign up for these goodies like I did ((if you haven't already)) and Happy Birthday to my fellow Virgo's!  What freebies do you get?  If you know some cool birthday perks, let me know in the comments!



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