Mom Jeans and Mimosas
Once upon a time, my makeup collection consisted of one MAC makeup brush, one broken eye shadow palette and a jar of foundation.  Yes, I wasn't always stocked up with all the fixings.  And I'm sure, you weren't too.  That's why I composed this easy brush-less makeup routine.  
 ((It may also be because I was too lazy to clean my makeup brushes.)) I digress.  All you need to apply all this, is your fingers and one +beautyblender .  You can find all kinds of blender's at +ULTA Beauty that are really inexpensive!  This routine is also fairly quick and affordable!  Details will be posted below.

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

PRIME skin with a primer.  This +NYX Professional Makeup one is simple.  Just spray it on!

COVER dark circles under eyes with NYX color corrector palette.  Dab your finger in the yellow color and gently apply to under eyes then blend with a damp beauty blender.

APPLY foundation or tinted mosturizer with your finger first then blend outwards with a beauty blender.

CONCEAL with a concealer a few shades lighter than your foundation.  Apply this under your eye area, the bridge of your nose, your cupids bow and your chin & brow line if you'd like. This site explains it really well with an image to follow.

FOR LIPS & CHEEKS use a 2 in 1 palette like this +tarte cosmetics one for lips & cheeks.  It saves time and it has a highlighter also!  I guess its more like a three in one. Apply with fingers and gently dab on to face.  I blend with my fingers.  It's more natural looking than a powder.

SPOT CONCEAL with a concealer wand ((like this one from +tarte cosmetics )) for easy application and dab to blend with a beauty blender.

FILL IN BROWS with a brow pencil and apply mascara to the eye lashes.

SET with a NYX Matte finishing spray to finish your makeup.

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

LIP AND CHEEK  limited edition palette by Tarte  ((Splurge item!))
SETTING SRPAY by NYX Matte finishing spray
BEAUTY BLENDER by The Original Beauty Blender

Mom Jeans and Mimosas
Photo from my Instagram page: @momjeansandmimosas

Always clean your beauty blender with a gentle cleaner that doesn't contain alcohol.  This will help the makeup adhere to your face not to mention its cleaner!  Less breakouts will occur. Before every application, make sure your beauty blender is damp.  This seems to work way better than a dry sponge. I like to use this formula when getting ready because its easy and I don't have to wash my brushes as often.  It's great for a day look running errands, going to school or just meeting someone for lunch.  Thanks for reading!  Let me know what you think below in the comments!



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