Nothing New for 30 days: Week 1

Mom Jeans and Mimosas
I'm recapping week 1 here at MJ&M.  Remember that post last week?  In case you don't, I'm utilizing what I already have ((clothing wise)) on hand for thirty days!  There is no buying ANYTHING!  This strategy not only saves money, it allows you to fall in love with your closet every week and challenges you to put outfits together by mixing and matching.  

Below I will list a short list on the items that might come in handy aka a shopping list + which outfit was my favorite and why.  

  As you can see most outfits are casual, per the usual. Weekends bring a little more flare out of my closet ((see Sunday and Labor day))  and weekdays are uber comfy.

  So lets begin!  

Mom JEans and Mimosas
Thursday- I dropped off Ace at School and then I went to the Culver City stairs with Penelope. I needed comfortable workout clothes and lightweight shoes.  One note I made while getting dressed is that I need more workout ropa!
Mom Jeans and Mimosas
Friday- This morning was all about errands with both kiddos since Ace was out of school for the day.  I'm still soaking in summer over here.  It was a hot one!  I absolutely love this hat for summer.  Its perfect with this striped shirt too. 
Mom Jeans and Mimosas
Saturday- Saturdays are always about comfort right?  Here, I had got my bangs cut ((see the cut close up here!)) and wanted to show them off.  These ahhhh-mazing shorts have been in my closet since 2004.  I think its safe to say +American Eagle Outfitters makes good denim! And this off the shoulder top makes quite a statement!
Mom Jeans and Mimosas
Sunday- Super simple and breezy.  We didn't attend church so I dressed for the super market.  LOL!  But the +adidas make an otherwise dressy outfit casual.  This slip dress from +Forever 21 comes in black too and its under $20!
Mom Jeans and Mimosas
Labor Day//Monday- Last call for Summer!  I wanted to end this season ((technically, its still summer)) right, so it was a paisley romper and gladiator sandals for the win!  This outfit basically screams summer sun.  
Mom Jeans and Mimosas
Tuesday- It was supposed to be back to school but Ace had a doctors appointment.  I also wanted to be comfortable walking since it was another errands day! These holy Carmar denim I scored at the LF stores bi-annual sale.  They are really cute and the destroyed knee is great for all year looks.
Mom Jeans and Mimosas
Wednesday- Not gonna lie.  I wore this exact outfit on Sunday afternoon as well as yesterday.  I also wore this to my birthday dinner ((see it here)) but switched up the shoes, jacket and earrings to keep it casual.  These shoes are everything btw.  Funny story, I used to teach and take breakdancing.  I was required to have two pairs ((black with white and white with black)) in order to perform!!  Since then, I sold them or lost them.  So funny how fashion comes full circle and here we are again!!  TIP: If you want a pair, try buying them in kids sizes.  It should save you about $10.  I wear 6.5 so I got a 4.5.  

Wish List:
a basic ((but very comfortable)) white tee with a pocket
Workout bras
Workout tee's

My Fav:
So far, I really like this black dress from +Forever 21 because its curve hugging and I can match it with all my jackets.  It is a bit short but thats instantly fixed with a long-lightweight coat to cover the back.  This is a great way to show leg without showing cheeks!!  I will more than likely be wearing it in the next weeks!  It's so stretchy and cozy too.  Great for this transitional weather we will be having going in to fall! 

Thanks for joining me on week 1!  Week two, three and four will be even more fun!  If you know of where I can find some cute workout gear and a totally versatile white tee PLEASE let me know!!

Kristin Dawn Mejia
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