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It's already week 2 of September!! That means we are so close to officially welcoming Fall! Also, this means it's the middle of the month. In case you don't remember, I'm utilizing what I already have ((clothing wise)) on hand for thirty days! There is no buying ANYTHING!
This strategy not only saves money, it allows you to fall in love with your closet every week and challenges you to put outfits together by mixing and matching.

Below I will list a short list on the items that might come in handy aka a shopping list + which outfit was my favorite and why.

This week, the weather threw us here in LA a curve ball. Temps dropped, clouds rolled in and there were even some slight showers. Friday night, we headed to Fogo De Chao for a fancy family dinner. Saturday was super comfy while we people watched in Venice beach. And Sunday was Football all day following our weekly trip to the store. The rest of the week was school and errands! See all my outfits below.  I went with a video this week since I just started playing with my movie maker. 

Please excuse my poor video skills!  I'm hoping to upgrade my camera soon!

Wish List:
a pair of brown or tan booties for fall
a burgundy hat 

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

My Fave:
An amazing siloughette plus a gorgeous color?  Yes please!!  Can you guess my favorite outfit?  My burgundy slip dress (find similar here here and here thanks to +PacSun ) and my Zara women's plaid button up.  I threw on some chucks since it was a school day and was casual-chic all day.  Plus, the lip color is soooo fun!  Burgundy for fall is ALWAYS a good idea. 

Shop this look:

Thanks again for viewing my 30 day challenge!  Yay or nay on the video post?  Should I stick to photography?  Lemme know below!! 



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