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This month is a transition month for many.  School just started again, the end of summer approaches and the beginning of fall is near.  I like to call this "Summall."  A sweet mash up of short shorts and long cardigans.  We trade our afternoon iced coffee's for hot pick-me-ups.  Open toed booties turn in to full blown thigh-high boots.  It's a much needed change.  This month, I wanted to challenge myself.  With fall approaching, I didn't want to feel the need to buy a whole new wardrobe.  I wanted to to do the unthinkable... To not purchase any new items for thirty days!!

I recently had a birthday marking a decade of being able to drink legally.  Yes, I'm 21 again. ((For the tenth year in a row.))  I was able to make a few lovely purchases that will help me through this month of "don't even think about it."  I am super anxious to get those pieces on here.  I will be doing a recap of the week on my blog with photos of every outfit that I put together.  I will also be making a short list of things I intend on buying IF I feel like I need them extremely bad.  I invite you to join me and start a thirty day challenge of your own!  Use the hashtag:  #momjeansandmimosas to share yours! 

I'm so looking forward to this Summer to Fall transition.  My favorite things are layering wardrobe, baking ANYTHING and everything pumpkin!  Share you favorite things about fall below in the comments and welcome to the challenge viewing party LOL!



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