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 Hey Guys!  I'm coming at you with an easy DIY Halloween makeup idea.  Instead of walking around with the same store bought costume on, play with your makeup and create something fun and original.
 Ok, Ok, this isn't really that original.  The ever so popular deer filter on snapchat may have just a small influence on me... ((insert rolling eyes)) I use it waaay too much, I admit it.   And it really took off last year as one of the newest makeup trends.  Still, its fun and most importantly, its easy!!

If you hate reading, you can watch this easy step-by-step video by Daisy Marquez here!

Here's the breakdown:

Apply primer first to help set a good base.

Next, apply foundation like you normally do.

Do your brows a bit bigger than the usual. (remember, you're a critter!)

Your eyes should be done like normal but make sure you use some falsies and black eye liner to make it pop!  You can also use white on your lower water line, like I did, to accentuate the "deer in the headlights" look.

Conceal under your eyes with a lighter concealer.  I went with the lightest shade since I am already pretty light.  Blend it out with a +beautyblender 

Contour the hallows of your cheeks a little bit higher than your norm.  ((like your cheek bones almost.)) You want to accentuate the upper portion of your face.  I used a really dark shade to really create the "furry look." Don't forget to bronze your forehead as well.  Contour the bridge of your nose but only 3/4 of the way down.  You don't want that super skinny nose here, Dear

Apply highlighter like a mad woman.  You want to glaze the "F" out of your cheek bones.  Some people skip this step to do a more serious deer look.  I say, its for one day so GLAZE AWAY!  Just highlight the cheeks.  Skip the nose this time around.

After all the basics are done, 

Apply black liner to the nose from one nostril all the way across to the other.  Then fill in.  Afterwards, you can add a "M" shape on the top of the black line.  It kind of depends on you and how you like your nose to look.  One trick, Open your snapchat and put the deer filter on.  You can decide then what kind of nose you want.    

Apply black or brown lip liner ((which ever you prefer)) to the upper lip only.  Add some foundation to the bottom lip to make it neutral.  You can either leave it like that or apply a subtle neutral  lip color like brown or nude to the bottom lip.  

Lastly, you are going to apply some white dots on your cheeks and your temple's.  This part is the most fun.  I love using +NYX Professional Makeup  jumbo pen in "milk" for this.  It is literally so pigmented and easy to apply.  

Use finishing poweder to set the whole look.

I really liked this step by step video from Daisy Marquez.  
Watch it HERE.  
Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Mom Jeans and Mimosas

For this look I recommend using...

Remember to have fun and use what you have!  It's fun to see what you can create with makeup.  What will you be for Halloween?

XoXo Kriss



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