Spring cleaning doesn't happen often enough to satisfy my urge to re-organize my desk space.  So here is an UPDATED Tiny Desk Decor post for you.  I finally re-painted my room ((which is where my desk is)) white again.  I wanted a clean and airy space to work in.  So white hues with contrasting tints was the direction I went.  

Have you ever been distracted by a space where you are working because of clutter or a mess strewn on the floor?  That's how I am.  I can't really think or even feel comfortable unless my space matches my spirits.  
Makeup brushes are needed on the daily so I keep them in a cute jar on my desk.  I do my makeup in my room so these are just in arms reach.  The glass jar used to be a candle from +Target until it melted away.  Then I simply wiped the jar clean of wax, making it usable!
I like to keep motivational quotes on my desk from +Etsy .  Just search "printable's" and you will find a lot of cute quotes you can print and frame.  
My Desk is from Ikea but the marble top I did myself.  I got the marble contact paper here and then used this easy DIY here to help apply it.  It helped hide some chips in my desk and made it feel new again!
There are always magazines on my desk.  ALWAYS.  I keep them up to date since I have a subscription ((to +StyleWatch magazine)) and place them on the corner of my desk in this cute geometric file folder.  It also conveniently hides the hole in my desk meant for cords to flow through.

My top picks for desk decor:

Other items I keep on my desk:

faux flowers
cute paper to-do list
cute gold pens

These are some tips I used when decorating my tiny space:

Utilize what you have first
Get creative with frames and images in magazines or print quotes to frame
flowers make great decor and brighten up any desk
find a focal point and work from there
create a color pallete or theme and stick to it!
less is always mas especially in tiny homes

Thanks for viewing!! 



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