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Not sure what to get that gal-pal in your life?  Its all good.  I got you covered.  There is surely something on this list that will send a smile to your amiga.
 And as always, its all affordable!  Everything listed below is under $50! After I gather all my little items, I head to my local +Target for gift wrapping for less via the dollar isle.  The above pic is a gift for one of my girlfriends and the theme is comfort.  I really like doing theme'd gifts and making them look pretty.  Also, stay tuned for weekly gift guides all the way till Christmas!  Happy Holidays guys!

Some items to shower your friends with:

dry shampoo
coffee gift cards
pillows and throws
slippers or socks
small jewelry
coffee mugs
personal coffee makers
nail polish
makeup bags

Click the images for product deets!

I hope you all stay tuned and also have a fabulous Holiday!  What would you like to see under your Christmas tree?  




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