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Missoni for Target, planking in photos and the Royal wedding... Any of these things ring a bell?  Yes, that's because they all happened five years ago.  But my most memorable moment was standing at an altar with this guy and making the most sacred commitment before God.

We tried to get married on November 11, 2011 which would have been referred to in short as 11.11.11 but it was hard to find a place to do it on that date.  So, we saved the date on the 28th. We got married in a modest church accompanied by a modest crowd because we couldn't wait to be each others.  But this story has a not-so-modest beginning.  
The backstory↠
Romeo (also known as Alex) and I met on social media when he added me on Myspace.  I watched his relationship status change while he watched my venue status change.  You see, I was a gogo dancer at several night clubs in LA.  And Alex was... Romeo.  A hard working, super handsome, (I know I'm biased) 20 something, eligible bachelor.  
As time changed, we became friends on Facebook too.  One day, I made the decision to message him and ask him why we never got together.  He messaged me back and we exchanged numbers.  We text back and forth for most the night and agreed to meet up the next day.  That was also the day I finally spoke to him on the phone. 
When he picked me up for our date, he was so fly.  LOL!  I remember a very fast and very loud 350Z pulling up and a remarkably good looking man inside asking me to get in.  That night we talked and talked and I felt so comfortable with him.  He dropped me off at home, like a gentleman, and I walked upstairs to gush to my roommate.  She still remembers me telling her "I am going to marry that guy."  and, I did.  
Since that very first date, we were inseparable and spent every day together.  Today we celebrate five years of marriage.  But whats most moving to me, is how far we have come in that short span of time.  I believe that it doesn't just take "being in love" with your spouse.  For us, that is not enough.  But to continuously keep falling in love with one another is what keeps us refreshed.  Certainly there is much to work on, as with every relationship but I enjoy it and crave the hard earned rewards.  After all, marriage isn't really work if you truly love what you do.

Thank you guys for your time.




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