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As promised, here is week two's gift guide.  ((Week one is here))  This week since it actually feels cold out, I'm inside warming up with some hot chocolate and cookies.  What better way is there to spend the weekend?  Here are my top ten picks under $40 that should please any binge lounger on your list.  Or yourself... no ones judging.  ✌

1  Since the Victoria Secret show is on Monday, why not cozy up with some adorable VS slippers?  Or better yet, gift them to a friend.  Easy slip on's are perfect for those cold floors especially in the morning!!

2  Throws and cozy blankets are so necessary.  Like for instance, when those breezy days knock down a power line and you have no heat or WIFI.  Yikes!  Just snuggle up in this warm throw and use your 3G.  😊

3  A cable knit sweater is a must for fall.  Don't you just feel like crawling in to an over sized one and telling everyone you can't adult for at least two hours of Netflix shows.

4  They are everywhere!!  Pom Pom beanies are so classic.  And the knit ones are the cutest.  Opt for a cream color so to wear with everything.  I love cream's and whites for winter so much.  That's basically my whole wardrobe!

5  Marble is still going strong.  ((I write this as I sit at my faux marble desk space...)) Why not stay simple and cover your phone in some more marble?  After all, you have to look cute while cuddled up on the couch.  Scroll on through snapchat in style!

6  My feet are always cold.  I have those cold tile floors and I have to have socks.  These socks are awesome!!  Made to keep those toes warm by Ugg.  Your friends will literally thank you.  Literally...

7  Victoria Secret makes the cutest PJ sets and this grey one will match everything! Even after the holidays.  These ones are super affordable too so buy another pair for you!

8  Don't you hate when your battery runs out on your phone mid-scroll?  To avoid this, I always keep a portable charger powered up and ready to go.  But mine isn't this cute!  This tassel will accent any key ring or tote bag and doubles as a helper when you need a little juice.  

9  When you really don't know what to give someone, a mug is always a good idea.  This Ily couture gold and white mug is chic and festive.  Make sure to also give some of your favorite hot chocolate or coffee with it.  So your friend is all ready to go!

10  Cozy houses that stink?  Never!  Light up this candle to create an ocean side smell with 20 hours of burn time.  Candles are wonderful gifts and chances are, you can never have enough!

Thanks for viewing my Cozy Girl Gift Guide.  Stay tuned for next weeks GG.  And if you missed last weeks, Click here.




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