10 things you didn't know about me + 2017 goals

Mom Jeans & Mimosas
I have welcomed every year with the same optimism and motivation and nothing less than that.  This year is no different than the last.  I treat New Year's as I treat every Monday of every week.  That's roughly 53 Mondays by the way!  Each week is a mini-new year where I gather all my focus for my family and for my blog.
Below, you will find that my passion for online work is equally as important as my offline work.  Here's why.  

Realistically, do people really stick to resolutions?  I like to think of them as goals.  But before I start setting goals, I have to understand how 2016 shaped me.  Sometimes, you need to take a step back and re-introduce yourself to, well, YOU!  So, I want to introduce myself ((once more)) & share a little more about my ever evolving life offline

Besides my blog, I am a Mom of two small kiddos ((+ one more big kid if you add my husband)) and a wife of that larger child as I mentioned just now.  LOL!  Totally kidding.  

I make weekly trips to coffee shops all over town, pick up & drop off Ace ((my first and oldest)), clean and organize like no ones business, workout twice a week and handle all the food prep for three, living and breathing humans. The occasional trip to toddler time is often mashed in there somewhere and also trips to the library, where I almost never get to read the actual books I select.  Almost.
Mom Jeans and Mimosas

Besides the obvious, here are 10 things you may not know about me:

1  Less is always more and I'm low-key trying to be a minimalist over here.
2   I cry a lot because I'm a Mom.
3  I don't ever like ordering a Venti coffee ((unless its free))
4  I don't actually speak Spanish.  I understand it but I suck at speaking it.
5  I love watching elderly couples all day, errrry day.  
6  I have zero patience ((which is more like -50 when you have kids))
7  My mole on my lip is NOT a birthmark. 🗢
8  I met my husband on Myspace in 08, married in 2010
we've been together, every. day. since.
9 I hate wearing or using products that have swear words on them.
10  I have a lisp which I will never get fixed because... thug life.  

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

 Granite, I've only been blogging officially for less than a year, I treat it similarly to a job where I have working hours.  Despite the occasional fight over a toy, my little ones keep pretty occupied while I work.  This year you can expect to see the following:

Stock Photo bundles.  I'm gaining more and more knowledge behind the lens.  I am also falling in love with photography.  I love taking candids, shooting products, places and kids being kids.  

Stories via LIFE.  I have quite a fondness for telling stories whether it be on Instagram or here on my blog.  I find that the engagement I get from you guys is so honest and real.  I truly appreciate every small gesture and comment. 

Collabs with fellow bloggers.  This year I want to travel outside my comfort zone and meet some of these experienced, highly inspirational women.  If you would like to meet me that would be ahhhh-mazing as well!  I want to experience the community surrounding us bloggers.  It's really where I feel like I actually belong.

Fashion posts more regularly.  I have yet to develop a set schedule since there were a lot of firsts this year including a hand injury and my first kid going to school.  But there will be a more organized appearance + more fashion posts utilizing what I already own.  I love helping the environment and one way we can all do that is by buying less out of compulsion and more out of feeling.  I like creating a seasonal wardrobe and adding just a few key pieces. 

Traveling posts with kids.  Well, it's no secret that I have two small kids but it might be a bit of a surprise to you if I mentioned international travel with them.  Yep.  They already got their passports and vaccinations.  Expect more road trips too with destinations here in California.  I might spam #happycamper all over my insta.  Be prepared.

Giveaways!!  Finally right?  LOL!  I have been working hard trying to get my first giveaway of 2017.  I really want the giveaways on MJ&M to be good clean fun.  Not all that "tag 50 of your bff's and repost this to your insta that you worked so hard to theme..."  Umm, no.  A simple set of instructions for all you over worked Mom's and cool chicks who follow me. End of story. 

Date night posts where I actually wear heels!  I have a special board on Pinterest that is titled: "on the feet"  which is 99% heels.  Clearly, I don't get out much.  But this year I intend on addressing the relationship side to being a Mom. #wifeygoals

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Well, that about sums it up!  I hope you had a blessed NY and that blessings continue to follow come 2018!  Whoa now!  Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!


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