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I am really terrible when it comes to my hair.  I never get it trimmed.  I wash it every three days, blow dry when I have time ((which is never)) and throw it up in messy buns daily.  Thankfully, my hair is pretty low maintenance but when I need to repair my hair, I need it done fast.  
I know you probably don't want hair advice from me but then again if anyone was to need a good product, it would be this chick.  I was recently sent some Schwarzkopf products to try out ((how did they know?)) and after a few months, here is my honest opinion.

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((say that five times fast)) is a hair mask that makes your hair shinier and smoother in one minute.  After a month of use, I have noticed that if I skip the mask my hair is harder to comb.  But with the mask and proper washing, my hair smells great and looks shiny! For the affordability, this product is one I would pick up because I personally feel a noticeable difference.  

 is a leave in conditioner that boasts being an 11 in 1 hair beautifier.  It has the same smell as the treatment but the pump is severely weak.  Just getting one pump is hard enough.  Besides that, once I applied the product after the treatment, combing was a breeze.  In my pathetic hair regimen, I must have a leave in conditioner.  I really can't live without one!  So, for the price, I would recommend this product but just be prepared to have a finger workout when pumping.  

And finally put your hands together for...
aka dry shampoo on roids.  This volume powder works so well and, as usual, smells lovely!  This is by far is my favorite product from the Schwarzkopf family.  I have fine hair.  But I have a lot of fine hair that tends to fall flat especially on the top of my head.  Once gravity does it's damage, I whip this little powder out and apply it to needed areas.  I love it so much, I keep it in my purse so It's easily findable.  After applying the powder, I brush gently in an upwards motion then I ditch the brush and use my hands to massage the product into my scalp.  I would highly recommend this magic volume powder because it works and it's affordable!  I found this little video of someone who feels the same way about this product.  Watch it here.
Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

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What hair products can you not live without? 




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