5 reasons to meet up with bloggers offline

Mom Jeans & Mimosas
When leaving my very first meet up with one of my favorite bloggers, Karen, from for all things pretty, it dawned on me, "why had I not done this earlier?"  I felt incredibly lucky and uplifted (not to mention inspired) by a person I felt I've known for a long time!
 I've always struggled with keeping friendships because I'm always so busy (or at least I tell myself that) and I'm actually quite shy.  I have a number of online relationships via Instagram but nothing compares to seeing someone in person.  I'm so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone so below I've listed a few reasons why you should meet with fellow bloggers (school peers, vloggers, podcasters, freelancers, etc) as opposed to just befriending them online. 
Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Inspiration:  There is so much inspiration out there!  I always feel so inspired when scrolling through my feed so when I have time, I send a compliment or two on  a post that I love.  Karen always provides a lot of inspiration via her Instagram and on her blog but meeting up with her was even better.  She's even more sweet in person than online.  When we gushed on how we inspired each other I was surprised!  I had no idea that I could inspire someone that I looked up to so much.  It made me want to work harder to provide content that has mega value.  Speaking of inspire, if you don't already follow Karen, you can find here here.  

Collaberating: Remember when I listed what I want to accomplish this year?  One of those things was to be able to collab with another blogger(s).  Bringing this up online seems a bit insincere to me.  It's more personal and friendly if you meet up first, then decide to pop the question.. "Will you collab with me?" LOL!  Working together shows that you are in fact, serious about what you do and are also a team player!  

Help: As much as your number one supporters may love your work, they won't be able to advise you when you are struggling with topics of interest or interacting with your audience better.  Now, I can just shoot my friend a text asking her questions that I won't be able to google.  People can be busy but if they take the time to meet up with you, they are more than likely going to make the time for your questions and concerns.  

Adult interaction is more important than you might think.  Being a stay-at-home Mom, you need and seriously crave an adult conversation every now and then.  Just having a cup of coffee (or in Karen's case, Tea) can be so necessary.  Even if it's for just a few minutes, those minutes re-kindle my spirit and I am able to be a more well rounded adult & Mom.  

They understand.  You ever run into family and friends asking what it is that you do?  It can be so awkward at first because they simply don't get it.  I mean, from afar, it does look like we just buy clothes and products galore and take images in vain.  When really, we work hard to set up shoots, style outfits, edit on programs that are complicated as hell.  (I won't say names *cough* ... Photoshop, *cough* cough* 😩)  We even know a little about HTML and other random bits of knowledge.  It's nice to just be able to spend time chatting with someone who just understands.  There's so many times (too many to count) where I have been turned down from opportunities being such a newbie.  It can get hard to stay positive.  Meeting with someone who knows what that's like is so comforting.  It finally feels like I'm not alone.  

Growing your network, reputation and even monetizing your blog are also possibilities of befriending a blogger offline.  I encourage you to take a step (if you have not already) and reach out to fellow peer in your field.  With the way things are going, on a tech scale, friendships and real offline relationships should be strengthened even more so.  

I hope you found this helpful and if you are in the LA area, please hit me up!  I'd be so happy to get to know other bloggers in all walks of life.  But if your a Mom, even better because... play date!!


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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