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It's time to get excited about Spring and need-now pieces that totally make an outfit.  Think floral vibes, embroidered anything and... denim!!  Always, DENIM.  I have gathered up this years Spring trends + transitional pieces, ((in case you live anywhere other than SoCal)) 😏and a bold way to sport a dress. Look chic and put together even at the PTA meeting or your weekly Target trip.  Because being a Mom shouldn't mean sacrificing style.  So with further ado, let's begin!

This post is of course, my own personal opinion and not that of others.  This post was in no way sponsored.

Flashback 80's 
Although I was born in the 80's, I'm not a super big fan of this trend.  BUT, that won't stop me from daydreaming of pairing a metallic blazer equipped with shoulder pads, a crisp white tee, and some Mom Jeans.  Plus, if your Mom has a coveted bag from the 80's, she might let you borrow it for a cool chic throwback vibe! 

Romantic féminin
This delicate trend features dainty embellishments, delicate fabrics and feathery flowey details.  I love this trend because its very feminine.  Any body shape can rock a romatic look because there's so much to chose from!  You might notice, if I'm not in denim, I'm wearing a skirt... preferably a tulle skirt.  Which I may use in pairing with a ruffled top and cute flats because... Motherhood.      

Athletic wear
Let this trend scare you into doing crunches and Pilates.  Because sports bras and performance gear is still going (shall I add a pun?) strong!  Some of my favorite pieces from this trend are windbreakers, cool graphic tees and sporty sneakers.  Not to mention joggers because... #Momlife.  

Other great spring trends:
are Resort prints, old school kicks paired with pleated skirts, khakis, bold stripes, mid-rise waisted denim, cutout dresses, bronze hues, nautical style, ruffled button ups, slip dresses, embroidered details, tassel drop earrings, oxfords, sheer fabrics, over sized tops, graphic retro tees and fun-sized cross body bags.

The new "IT" color:
Yellow!  It's literally everywhere.  From the streets to the runway, this color is on fire for spring!  Will I wear it?  Not sure yet if its on my list of must-haves.  But it looks bright, friendly and fun! You should try it and let me know if its a 👍 or 👎.
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The scoop on Denim
High cuffed bottoms, wide leg cuts, relaxed fit, mom jeans, girlfriend jeans, vintage denim, streamlined fit, patchwork, destroyed textures and adding a peek-a-boo effect with fishnets or tights underneath ripped jeans.  

Feeling daring?  
Try a bold look by wearing a dress over pants.  The key here to making it doable is to streamline the siloughette.  An example would be using a long slip dress over a natural fit pair of trousers.  Seamlessly blend them together.  Peep this look here if your a visual kinda gal.

One of my favorite runway shows recently was Chloe.  Nautical hues ((my personal faves!!)) and breezy fits bring the south of France vibe to any closet.  I love how they updated the look and how chic and languid it is.  I tend to stick to a similar color palette because it makes mixing and matching a breeze.  I have yet to find my prints charming so sticking with stripes always flatters me.  But fashion is fickle so I like to add bits and pieces to my ever-growing closet.  I love comfortable, functional pieces that will carry me through many seasons.  See my wish list below.. I hope you find some amazing pieces!

What I'm wearing above:

Did you find this helpful?  Remember, You can tag your look so I can see it with #momjeansandmimosas What is your favorite spring trend?  I can't wait to see!




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