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 Happy First Day of Spring!!  The days are stretching, the flowers are blooming and Los Angeles is beaming with Spring showers and chirping birds.
 I wanted to share a small and list-like post that I promise will make you adore spring and fall in love all over again.  Hashtag twitterpated.  LOL!

⚘What I'm looking forward to this spring

Longer days, which means mas Sol.

Iced coffee- Hot coffee is a thing of the past!  Bring on the iced drinks!  I'm a super big fan of Philz coffee because of their iced mint mojito's.  I am also gathering my favorite coffee shops in LA on the blog soon so stay tuned!

Seeing the first tulips pop up from my garden.🎕

The beach//La playa- I love the beach in spring because it's usually moody in the AM with clouds and over cast and then bright and friendly in the afternoon.  We live only 20 minutes away so get ready to see a lot of beach pics!

Opening up a window and actually leaving it open.  

Infused water- I crave water in Spring and in Summer.  But I'm not always good at drinking enough.  That's why I infuse my water with cucumbers, lemon, chia seeds and roses.  Yep, rose's are edible and in honor of National Flower Day (Tuesday the 21st), I will be posting a few of my favorite things to do with roses besides putting them in a vase. 

Waking up to chirping birds outside.

Farmers markets- This happens all year long but I really like going in Spring.  Everything is so fresh and the weather is wonderful.  Fresh fruit is my favorite thing because the kiddos love it too and it's always way better than the store!

Hearing the ice cream man's music playing again for the first time since last summer.  

Lighter layers-  Yes!  It is once again time for packing up the parka's and mittens.  I don't know if you missed my Spring wardrobe post.  If you did, you might want to check it out here and see what tips and tricks I use to make an easy transition into warmer weather.

Picnics- Snacks, a blanket, shades and people watching.  That about sums it up for me.

Pinks and prints- I wore pink today and it felt so fresh and girly.  Floral and geometric prints are also very Springy.

spring break- This means Ace will be out of school and I will once again have both my babes!  I don't know what's more exciting.  That or the fact that I don't have to get up at 6 AM for a whole 5 days!

Easter-  Because.... Jesus.  And Easter egg hunts with kids is pretty darn cute.  

Mom Jeans & Mimosas
Photo Details:
This post won't be going into detail on the outfit but I wanted to, at the very least, let you all know where I got some of these fun pieces.  I will be featuring these items soon so stay tuned!  
flats from
denim from +Forever 21 
blouse from +Nasty Gal 
Jacket from +Forever 21 
earrings are unknown

We can't forget that we can finally count down to Summer!! I hope you caught the bug with my Spring post.  Let me know what you like most about spring and remember that Tuesday is National Flower Day!




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