A Summer Bucket-List For The Whole Family

Mom Jeans & Mimosas
Summer starts on Wednesday and I feel like there's a billion things I want to do before my son returns back to school and we welcome, dare I say it?... Fall.  Most of what I do (more like, all of what I do) is with my kids so my bucket-list is full of fun events.  It's also easy to emulate yourself no matter if you are a Mom or not.  So make a Summer Bucket-List for your loved ones and make sure one of them involves Halo Top Ice Cream!  🍦

This product was gifted to me and my family but all thoughts and opinions are my own

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Have you been following along on my insta?  You might say I'm somewhat of an ice cream addict.  Well, I'm a self-professed caffeine addict for sure but ice cream is a close second.  This comes from the girl who has coffee syrup ready-to-pour on  Helado in her cabinet.  However, those little pints of heaven usually come with mountains of calories and unnecessary fat.   That's where Halo Top comes in and saves the day.  Or, saves you the pain of wearing a tee-shirt in the pool during post-ice cream bloat.  

My kids and I love ice cream and I don't hesitate to give them a small scoop after dinner.  It's a summer tradition that I won't be feeling terrible about any more.  I am a dairy-free kinda girl myself but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get some Halo-Top for the family.  My husband is even impressed with how much protein is in it!  And what better way to kick off summer am I right?  

Keep scrolling for my Family Friendly Summer Bucket-List!
Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Summer Bucket List:

Finish a Yard Project- This year, we are painting all of the walls in the yard before we put Ace's new playhouse and swings.  I will more than likely ask for the kids help in doing something smaller however, like helping plant some succulents in the dirt surrounding our lovely turf.  This sort of family affair is fun and very rewarding, + the kids will get to see the fruits of their labor... or succulents of their labor... Whatev's

Take a splurge trip- This might not seam feasible to some but remember that your kids are only with you for so long.  That trip that you keep putting off will eventually be forgotten.  The time is always now.  We are heading out of the country on a much needed vacation this summer.  And finally for once, I won't be pregnant and both my little ones are fully potty trained! #nodiapers

Enjoy an outdoor concert- There's usually a number of free things to do during summer because it's so nice outdoors.  We love to do the eat, see, hear outdoor concerts in Griffith Park.  They have some amazing food trucks + music and a movie at the end.  Usually a classic movie but I will take any excuse to sit under the stars with my family.

Visit a large body of water- Like for instance, La Playa?  We visit weekly during the hotter months.  I recently picked a spot in the sand with no bathroom and had to coax my kids into the ocean to have a little bladder relief.  That's raw & real Mom life yo.  You might have a lake or a river to visit where you live.  Or maybe a great water park?  Just remember the sunscreen!

Purge your house-Okay to be fair, I do this weekly LOL! but what better time then the Summer when all that heat traps you indoors?  You can finally rid your house of everything you collected through the winter.  Trust me, you will actually feel lighter.  And this kind of activity can be fun for little ones if you make it a game.  I am very straight forward with my kids and ask them to kindly donate their old toys to which they have always responded well to.

Visit a museum or zoo- We all got them.  Even the tiniest of city's has a Zoo or Museum.  During the summer, these kinds of activities can help you to not only entertain your kids but also teach them about the animals on our planet.  No school means getting creative with education.

Road Tripp'n- If a plane trip to Cancun isn't in your near future, try a car ride.  We all like to travel here at the Mejia's and we usually make our way north to visit family.  Car trips were always a frequent event growing up and I had the best time getting to learn more about my family.

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

What's on your list this summer?  Are you doing any of these?  Let me know in the comments below!  If you need me, I will be making ice cream cones for my kids...


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