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Want to know why I'm silly?  Because I saw my Dad being silly.  Want to know why I'm compassionate?  Because my Dad showed compassion to me as a child.  Wanna know why I cry sometimes when I'm explaining something I feel strongly about?  Because my Dad taught me that showing emotions was nothing to be ashamed of.
 If you were to meet him, he would stand in front of you, cracking a corny joke (sorry Dad but they are) and using his charm to get you to sit down and have a "chat."  You see, looking at him would never indicate the conditions in which he grew up in.  Dirt instead of floors and curtains instead of walls.  He was born into migrant field work, following the crops all across California.  Surroundings that seemed to hinder a prosperous future...
My Dad never knew his own Dad.  He only knew my Grandmother who by today's standards, showed him "tough love."  He was raised around Latina women including his sister and cousins.  However, His Father-less upbringing didn't hinder his ability's to raise me.  He was kind and he nurtured my talents which in someways probably reminded him of himself.  
The circumstances that presented themselves weren't friendly.  But there is something to be said about someone overcoming such great odds.   Like a plant, he grew in the heat, out of the dirt and was harvested.  
I am blessed to have such a man in my life.  And now, as a Mother, I'm the one who is silly and my children are the ones who laugh.  They see my tears when I am sad and offer to consul me.  I'm the one with the terrible jokes that provoke laughter not at the joke, but at myself.  I have also overcome great odds only to be blessed with a beautiful family.  I have so many inspiring souls to thank but on this day, Dad, I thank you.  Happy Father's Day!

You can find some more great photos and stories of my Dad here:

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men who cherish what it means to be a Dad.




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