When it comes to school days, I have limited time to get ready in the morning so I'm always reaching for something easy (to be completely honest) like  sweats and a tee-shirt.  However, I'm trying to stay away from sweats so I don't look as lazy as I feel.   That's when it's great to have an easy statement denim.  
Some piece of your wardrobe that draws your eyes to it and not the tired, no-makeup "Mom look"...Or whatever look you rock at 7:45 AM.  And kudos to those of you who have time to even lift a makeup brush.  Seriously, gold star for you.
A N Y W H O O . . .
I fancy myself a connoisseur of denim and I'm constantly on the hunt for gorgeous additions.  My latest find were these Calvins.  These high waisted shorts are both comfortable and versatile.  When laundered, the cut-off hem looks even more vintage giving them a retro feel. I added this cool Tee I scooped up at Target which I've been getting frequent compliments on. I always tuck my shirt in on my hip and leave the rest hanging.  I do this because I always like to highlight my waist so tucking one side gives a natural hint of it.  

I know this OOTD looks basic but thats just it.  It's 100% B A S I C.  Fashion doesn't always need to be bell sleeves,  un-reasonably priced bags and impractical shoes.  Sometimes when you are trying something on, all you need to do is bend over and make sure you can't see to the promise land.  Sometimes a great shoe is the dirtiest shoe you own.  Sometimes, Motherhood requires an enormous bag NOT made out of straw and usually, covered in some kind of sticky substance.  But if there's one thing we can all admit and agree upon, it's that we must have those basic days where a Tee-shirt & some shorts are your saving grace.  So here's to my basic moments.. Usually 5 out of 7 days a week.

And this makeup look was brought to you by Saturday.  The only day where I have help to get ready.  So don't be fooled.  During the week I try to give my skin a rest.  🗢  You can find all the details on how you can recreate this look below + check out this other statement denim from a previous post here.


Backpack by Fawn Design // Tee by Mighty Fine // Shorts by Calvin Klein
Shoes by Converse //

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you can find some comfort in being casual.  Thanks again for taking some time guys!




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