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And hello, its FREE!  Hey guys, there's just a few more hours before Ace turns 5 years old and I throw myself into a crying fit I calmly and happily join in on the festivities.  But before I do that, I want to mention the one thing that I have done that all parents should do before their baby turns five.  In fact, doing this one thing as soon as (or before) they are born is even more beneficial for them and priceless for you.

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Turning 5 is an epic milestone.  They are no longer tots, they are opinionated, loud human beings who act like miniature drunk people at the dinner table and then turn into loving, baby-talking dreamers before bed.  They can smell good at 8:00 AM and and then, promptly stink a few hours later.  They can eat broccoli one day and the next, a whole box of goldfish and one Oreo cookie.... And then blame it on their sibling.  They cry and laugh but then again, so do you.  Maybe more crying.  At least, at my house, I'm the one doing enough crying for the lot of us.  

I know this sounds confusing but its simply love.  Love expressed in strange, stinky ways and accepted in tears and besos.  This is parenting and its not easy but these memories are all we have to hang onto.  All those pics you take and post on your Instagram and snap-chat don't just disappear after one day, they can disappear from your memory if your not too careful.  That's why starting an email for your little one is the best thing you can give to them and to yourself.  It's free and easy to set up. You just need to keep the password close to your heart (in case you misplace that one sticky note that you so cleverly scribbled it on).  

Write them a letter and send it to them.  Send it to yourself and also your spouse, grandparent, etc.  Be sure to add pics.  And if its just pics that's great too!  I have been taking pics (and I'm not talkin selfies with windup disposable cameras in my teens) of my family for so long that I have plenty to share with them.  I try to send an email every month to both my kids.  This is also a really cool way to record milestones.  And at the rate everything is going, I think it's safe to say that email will still be around.

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

So, now that we have covered that, maybe someone could help me round up these kiddos and somehow place a giant backyard jungle gym in my tiny Los Angeles home without them seeing it... any takers?




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